Carl L. Washington, Jr.

New Mount Zion Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. Carl L. Washington, Jr., serves as Pastor of the New Mount Zion Baptist Church in Harlem, New York.  Under Dr. Washington’s leadership, New Mount Zion has grown from 150 people to more than 1100 disciples, since he arrived in 1995.   Through evangelism, prayer, community outreach and Dr. Washington’s charismatic leadership, the Lord made it possible for New Mount Zion to renovate the church and incur no debt.  Ministries such as Men’s Fellowship, Woman’s Alliance, Intercessory Prayer, Praise Team, Community Outreach, Wellness, Boundaries, Media and the Eagle’s (Substance Abuse) were developed and became a bridge between the church and the community.

He is active in the Harlem Community in organizations such as; Health Initiative, Board Member of the Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement, Inc. (HCCI), Youth Outreach, and Worship in the Park.  He’s constantly consulted by local politicians for his understanding of community affairs.  He has operated as a liaison for those in the community who need employment, and health care, and assists those in need of re-adjusting to life after prison.  He walks tall in the fight against racism, sexism and civil rights.

Dr. Washington is a preeminent leader serving as Assistant Dean NBC, USA, Inc. Congress of Christian Education; President of the Empire Baptist Missionary Convention; Board Member of C.O.P.W.A. (Children of Parents with AIDS) and is a Chaplain, with membership in the United Chaplains, State of New York.

Dr. Washington is magna cum laude graduate of LaSalle University, and a graduate of Hartford Theological Seminary.  He received a Doctor of Humane Letters from the University of Virginia at Lynchburg and a Doctorate of Ministry from Eastern Theological Seminary.  Dr. Washington travels across the United States with his uniquely powerful preaching, lecturing, teaching, encouraging and strengthening the faith of people. He is sought after because of his genuine love for the work of ministry and his ability to translate the message of Christian growth and Biblical development to congregations, no matter the size.

He is the author of the book: “Divine Directives for the Dysfunctional Church” and is currently writing “The Judas Curse” (A Guide for 21st Century Finance Ministry) and “Yours, Mines and Ours – A Christian View of the Blended Family and “Fit for the fight.”

Dr. Washington’s greatest success and satisfaction has come as the husband of his wife, Bernita; and the father of their six children, daughters:  Kristen, Carla, Chandle and Caura; and sons, Carl III and Carson.  In addition, he has two son-in-laws; two daughter-in-laws; and sixteen beautiful grandchildren and One Great Grandson.