Mike Pembleton Jr.

City of Refuge Church

Pastor Mike Pembleton Jr.

Pastor Mike Pembleton Jr., serves as the 12th Pastor of the City of Refuge Church [founded as Kindling Star Missionary Baptist Church 1886] in Greenville, Mississippi. City of Refuge Church is a place of refuge, revival, and recompense.

 This prophetic, anointed, passionate, cutting-edge preacher, social activist, and visionary leader is impacting the gospel through expository teaching and ministering principles of the Kingdom of God. His powerful teaching style is a message of hope and success that reaches critical thinkers of the Word of God to transform to living out their God-ordained purposes in life. Pastor Pembleton is a proven innovative thinker that believes the gospel must be practical to engage the mind of believers.

 Pastor Pembleton passion for expanding the kingdom of God and to be concerned about the things that Jesus was concerned about has committed his life to fighting for economic injustice, racial injustice, and empowering the lives of the disenfranchised. Pastor Pembleton has formed ongoing alliances with thought leaders who are passionate about community transformation,  social consciousness, and the advancement of underserved and minority communities. Pastor Pembleton is devoted to creating a beloved community where everyone has the equally opportunity to wealth and opportunity.

 Pastor Pembleton serves on various platforms outside of the church including seminars, ministry conferences, and fellowships throughout the United States of America.

A native of Sunflower, Mississippi, Pastor Pembleton is a product of Mississippi State University where he majored in Political Science. Pembleton has obtained many accolades and academic achievements; both Bachelor & Masters of Theology Degree from Agape Bible College. Rev. Pembleton believes, “A Faith that is not tested, is a faith that has not been approved.”

Rev. Pembleton currently serves the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International as a member of the International Council.