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Below you will find information to help navigate effectively through out website.


Depending on your membership this dashboard allows you to add/edit listings, events, announcements, review/reply to inbox messages, review/reply to reviews.  

You can only view dashboard while signed in.

Here's Everything You Get

User Views

User views are shown in the dashboard. User views are the total number of visitors to your listing.

Customer Leads

Customer leads are when visitors select a link from your profile that leads the visitors to your website, social media or external link. Customer leads also increases when the form is filled out on your listing.


All leads are sent to your dashboard inbox as well as your email address.

Within your dashboard you can view and reply to all messages.

Saved listings

When you are logged in you can save a preacher’s profile to view later. Just select ‘save’ on their individual listing.

Lead Form

Each listing has a lead form. This form allows visitors to contact the preacher without having their email address. The preacher will have the visitors email address but not vice versa. Every submission to this form is sent directly to the preacher’s email inbox and the preachers dashboard inbox.


Events are created within the preacher’s dashboard. You must log in first. There is no limit on creating events. Events will show on the preacher’s personal listing and under the tab events to show combined events. Events are an added feature for a certain plan. All plans do not have this feature.


Announcements are created with the preacher’s dashboard. You must log in first. There is no limit on creating announcements. Announcements will show on the preacher’s personal listing above the bio. Announcements can be used to advertised publications, devotional scriptures, and more. All plans do not have this feature.


Preachers are prevented from adding reviews on their own profile.

Preachers cannot delete reviews made on their profile. A preacher can reply to that review and also email us to report the review. If the review is found to be false or extreme, we will remove it.

Image Gallery

Depending on your plan you may upload up to 3 pictures in your gallery. Your image gallery appears on the top of your listing page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many photos can i have in my gallery?

You can have 3 total image in your gallery.

How many youtube videos can I broadcast?

There is an option to add one youtube url to your listing. 

How can I edit my listing?

When you are logged in you can go to your profile. On the bottom right you will see a link 'edit'. 

How often can I make changes to my profile?

You may update your profile at any time through your username and password.

Why can't my pictures upload?

Make your your images are either .jpg, .jpeg, or .png. Also make sure the extension shows on the file.( i.e. picture.jpg) 

I haven't receive my email for my lost password

Check your junk/spam folder. If it still hasnt arrived email us at

Can I change my password?

Yes. Within your dashboard. Select the 3 horizontal lines on the top right screen. Then select my profile. Scroll down to update password.

if you are signed in CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DASHBOARD.

How do I get the Vacant church list?

Vacant churches and Ministry opening positions are available to our paid members only. 

this list is emailed to you upon joining. Then emailed the first of every month.

My listing has been pending for a while

We respond within a few hours of your submission. If it's been more than 24 hours and your listing is still in pending; First please check your email to see if we responded.


Secondly make sure you have paid for the service. To do so sign in then view your DASHBOARD and submit payment.

Support Request Form

If you need further assistance please fill out this form and our techs will get back with you as soon as possible.

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